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Strategic Intelligence & Business Development

Informed decisions are the best decisions, right? At Global, we have a range of services, including fatal flaw analyses, stakeholder mapping, financial valuation reports for external relations functions, risk reports, ESG strategy, and so much more to ensure you benefit from a 360-view when making decisions.

Navigate a 360-Degree Perspective

Define: You’re in a business where every decision matters. You need to achieve a 360-degree perspective, quickly, to make them.

Solve: For us, Global is a way of thinking – a comprehensive, 360-degree method of looking at your world. Our mission is to help you navigate that world and make decisions fully informed by your surroundings.

Community Relations & Intelligence

Our Services Include



Fatal flaw analysis.

Valuation Reports

Financial valuation reports for external relations functions.

Risk Assessments

Social, political, and regulatory risk assessments.

Human Resources

Management of mining HR functions.

ESG Strategy

ESG strategy development & implementation support.

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